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How to Boost the Healing Powers of Your Mind

By Tom Diamond on November 12, 2020

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Even with all it’s seemingly infinite powers, we still need to learn how to harness those powers to elevate our lives or even heal from injury. 

The unconscious mind is a powerful place that has the ability to help you heal if you choose to use it. Your brain craves positivity. It’s like fuel to power the healing powers of your mind. Have you noticed how positive people seem to attract more positivity and the “negative Nelly’s” attract more negativity? To help your boost your mind power, you need to feed it more positivity than negativity. 

Here are some tips on how to attract positivity and avoid negativity in your daily life so you can learn to harness the healing powers of your mind:

Start every day with a blank slate

We’ve all been told, “don’t worry because tomorrow is a new day.” It’s true, when you start each day with a blank slate and a mind full of positivity you’re more likely to attract positivity in your day. If you start your day watching the local news or reading about all the worlds’ doom and gloom, that puts you in a negative cloud all day. 

When you wake up, say your daily affirmations and remind yourself that today is a new day of possibilities. 

Learn to block out negativity

The whole world isn’t always unicorns and rainbows and chances are there are negatively-charged experiences and events that you will cross paths with during your day. That’s normal. 

When negativity enters your mind, it likes to linger around and wreak havoc. When you learn how to let the negativity slide past you, it will strengthen your mind. 

Exercise your brain

Your brain is a muscle that needs exercise. Some simple brain games or just keeping it challenged and engaged in a positive way can go a long way to boosting its’ ability to help you stay calm so you can heal physical and psychological injuries. 

Play music for healing

The right song has the ability to motivate you, pull you out from a slump, or even get your blood pumping. If you’re feeling unmotivated or exhausted, try sitting in a comfortable position and playing some calming music. While listening, practice some positive affirmations and self-talk. This can help reduce your cortisol levels and give you a boost of energy to get on with your day!

Exercise or do yoga

Purposeful, calculated movements like exercise, stretching, and yoga can help to boost your brainpower too. It can help you flush out toxins, get your blood circulating, and put you in a calmer state. 

At Quiet Mind Co. we’ve seen the transformation in our patients when they learn to calm their minds. We help them discover ways to use the healing powers of their brain though natural treatments and therapies.  

If you need support to manage your stress and anxiety between sessions, we often recommend the Veeva Stress Aromatherapy roll-on or the Veeva Anxiety Aromatherapy roll-on.